We create your full-body miniature!~World’s First 「Ashes of Adam’s Apple-Embedded」「Hair-Embedded」「Umbilical Cord-Embedded」Miniature Wax Figurine Production Specialty Shop~

Flow of Order

1)Add LINE
①First, add LINE
② Click on「QR Code」from the「Add Friend」screen
③ Scan the QR Code

If you do not have the LINE App installed, please click here to download.

2) Send Photos
After checking how to take measurements, send the appropriate pictures through LINE and we will get back to you on whether production is possible.
We are open to all other requests you may have.
Please click here for instructions on how to take photos.flowWe will respond within 24 hours after receiving the photos. Furthermore, in case that the factory has no problem after receiving the photos, we will notify you of the total price including optional items.
※ For order with ONLY ONE photo, the production lead time is 100 days.
After receiving our reply, please complete the order form and make payment.

After receiving our reply, please complete cash payments within 2 days, or credit card payments from the Family Scene website within 24 hours. Please send the hair the day you receive our reply.
4)Sending “Hair”, “Nodobotoke” & “Ashes”(※At least 10 strands)
Please insert “hair”, “nodobotoke” and “ashes” into a vinyl bag and write respective item names in Roman letters. Please also include a picture of the person whom the hair belongs to.

Please send to below address:
Aso Family Sdn Bhd
Suite 8.04 – 8.10, Level 8 Retail Office Block, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We shall inform you upon receipt of the delivery. Pets’ (Dog, cat, etc) fur is onlv imitation.

5)Check ※Confirm the contour and atmosphere
You may confirm the figurine via LINE in picture and video form. Edits may be made twice, and from the 3rd time onward, all edits will cost $272 each time. Furthermore, the first edit will be considered as higher priority. The model cannot be given to the customer, as it is a copyrighted material. Please state the edits clearly and please bear in mind that as each piece is handmade, it is difficult to completely suit your request, but our craftsmen will always do their best to match your requests. Please click here for the process of checking the model.
Product Arrival
Please place the figurine in any place you please and enjoy!
FamilyScene can be put into a case and all members shall share the cases among each other.
The wax figure can be wiped using wet towel every 2 months.

Eyeglasses will be packed separately as shown in the photo. Please wear the glasses for the wax figurine after arrival of goods.


We will guarantee on any damages upon arrival.
Any repair of damages other than that will be charged.
※Delivery will be made within 90 days after date of purchase
※In case there is a 3 month back-order, the date of deliver shall be 90 days + 90 days= 180 days
It may be difficult to gain an image of the finished product without the hair, but the key point in checking the model is to determine whether or not it is becoming similar to the actual model.

Production Flow

For duplicates

Duplicates of human figurines shall be delivered within 70 days from the date of purchase.
Duplicates of animal figurines (pets) shall be delivered within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Unauthorized reproduction of any photos or information on this website is forbidden.
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