We create your full-body miniature!~World’s First 「Ashes of Adam’s Apple-Embedded」「Hair-Embedded」「Umbilical Cord-Embedded」Miniature Wax Figurine Production Specialty Shop~

How to Take Photos

If there is a detailed image of the person like the common item below, the quality will be further improved

In order to raise the accuracy (quality) and finish it

Common Points

  • Over 20 photos are needed for humans and over 17 photos are needed for pets and animals
  • Please choose and notify to us the facial expression you would like to use
  • Please submit together close-up photo of the body part you wish to appeal.
  • When sending the photos, please do not forget to include the name in English and birthday (in the western calendar form).
Please put all hair in a sealable plastic bag with the name written in English (using a sharpie).
※Please send the height, weight, waist size, shoe size, length and width of face, length of legs, length of hip to top of the head, and neck size via LINE after sending the photos.
Unauthorized reproduction of any photos or information on this website is forbidden.
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