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Model Check

You may check photos and videos of your figurine in the process of production via LINE.

  • At the prototype stage, because there is no coloring, it’s difficult to imagine the image of completed figurine. So please check the outlines and atmosphere instead.
  • If there is any corrections, please write down the details in bullet point format.
  • Changing face photo after the prototype check will be charged 60,000 yen (excluding tax and transfer fee)
  • Corrections up to 2 times are free of charge. However, from 3rd time, each correction detail will be charged 30,000 yen and with each correction, the lead time will be delayed 10 days.
  • Please take note that the prototype cannot be handed over to you.

We hope for your understanding that as each piece is handmade, it may be difficult to cater to your requests 100%, but we will work to get as close to your requests as possible.

  • Hair is not yet applied during the model check.
    The model size is determined keeping in mind the finish with the hair applied. The size will become just right once the hair is applied.
  • The time frame of the model check shall be 12 hours from the time the photos are sent.
  • When there are no replies, it will be deemed as no edits are necessary and the sculptors will enter into the next process.
  • Edits may not be made after the next process is entered. In case where you are not satisfied after completion, we will accept edits with costs being borne by the customer only during the special campaign period (65% off listed price).
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