We create your full-body miniature!~World’s First 「Ashes of Adam’s Apple-Embedded」「Hair-Embedded」「Umbilical Cord-Embedded」Miniature Wax Figurine Production Specialty Shop~

Corporate Profile

Company Name Koukadou Co., Ltd.
Established Aug-13
Address 〒100-0006
2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
12F, ITOCiA Yurakucho Ekimae Building
Telephone TEL:03-6860-4533 / FAX:03-6860-4501
Representative Chairman of the Board Ayumi Aso
Chief Executive Officer Nana Aso
HP http://aom-koukadou.jp/en/
Inquiry Hours Weekdays from 9AM~6PM(Japan Standard Time)
Business Contents Importing, exporting, supplying, and distribution of wax figurines,
models, statues, and other shaped objects
Planning and consulting for the management of museums
Planning and management of museums
Import and sale of artworks
Import and sale of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods

March 25 “Agape Ohtsuru Museum of Art was broadcast on Oh! Sun TV.

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