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Wax Figurine Sculptor Profile

Pemodelan Patung Lilin

What is a Wax Figurine Sculptor?

By utilizing the traditional wax figurine production technique, we create an extremely real miniature wax figurine that you may even catch yourself looking twice.
Creating a two-person shot with yourself and a celebrity creates an incredible experience for fans. You will surely grab people’s attention at events! The realness is pursued to the highest level as hair is transplanted, eyeballs are of transparent resin, and visible skin is made from silicon.


The difference about wax figurine sculptors of Family Scene

The sculptors of Family Scene have been involved with creation of wax figurines for nearly 10 years.
If the model is a live person, the entire body is measured with a ruler almost as if creating an order-made costume. Over 200 measurements are taken at once. By gather as much information about the model as possible, an incredible high quality wax figurine can be made.


Gathering information is very important in production of wax figurines. For example, for the head portion, details including the length of the eyebrows to the height to the eyebrows, height of the philtrum and bones, angle of the lips and mouth are recorded. The silicon model, wax model, and detailed mending is made before finally entering into the makeup process.
Most wax figurine production companies around the globe keep their techniques confidential. At the current factory of Family Scene, there are several professional staff, but all important processes are done by Mr. Tatanan alone.

The smaller the wax figurine is, the more difficult techniques required to create the wax figurine.
Our company has created several hundreds of wax figurines for temples, museums, etc as of now.
From analysing photos, creating prototype using silicone, forming mould, to finishing the figurine, we create everything manually.
The secret of the realness is because it differs from other figurines which only apply color at the surface level, and we make it possible to use wax which is already coloured since the beginning stage.
We promise to create wax figurine which will last forever in our beloved customers’ heart. A true family treasure.

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