We create your full-body miniature!~World’s First 「Ashes of Adam’s Apple-Embedded」「Hair-Embedded」「Umbilical Cord-Embedded」Miniature Wax Figurine Production Specialty Shop~

Factory Leader Ms. Sirirat

Nama Ms. Sirirat
Goals To become a part of an organization that gives personal and organizational challenges that can be attained.
Sculpture, Oil Painting, Photoshop


2003 Satri Wat Rakhang School(Bangkok, Thailand)
2009 Silpakorn University(Thailand) Oil painting, sculpture, graphic art
2009 Exhibit of Works of 2009 at Silpakorn University Art Centre
2011 Establishment of Wax Figurine Factory in Thailand
2016 Corporate partnership with AsoFamily Group
image031Silpakorn University is a national university in Thailand. It is the most premier university in Thailand in the field of arts and archaeology.
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