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Wax Figurine Producer Mr. Tatanan

Produser Patung Lilin Mr. Tatanan
Nama Mr.Tatanan
Goals Miniature wax figurine producer
To create one of a kind wax figurines directed by Kaoru ASO.
It is not an exaggeration when we say that we are the only ones that can produce miniature figurines (39cm, 29cm) with so much realness. That is why there is currently no miniature reality wax figurine stores around.
My goal is that when there appears a wax figurine sculptor that rises above our quality, I will work hard to go above that and create a masterpiece that everyone will love and want.
Sculpture, Oil Painting


2004 Soeng Sang School Nakorn Ratchasima,(Thailand)
2009 Silpakorn University(Thailand) Oil Painting, Sculpture, Graphic art
2010 Exhibit of Works of 2009 at Silpakorn University Art Centre
2010 27th Young Artist Modern Art Silpa Bhirasri bronze medal
2011 Establishment of Wax Figurine Factory in Thailand
2016 Corporate Partnership with AsoFamily Group

Mr Tatanan sudah terlibat dalam penghasilan patung lilin untuk lebih dari 10 tahun. Bermula dari pengumpulan data, seterusnya pembuatan silikon, pembentukan wax dan solekan khas semuanya dilakukan oleh beliau.

Jika subjek patung lilin masih hidup, ukuran seluruh badan akan diambil seperti menempah baju. Lebih 200 ukuran akan diambil untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang sempurna untuk anda sepri contoh jarak antara kening dan jarak kening dari mata, tinggi badan, panjang tulang dan saiz mulut.

Cara mengambil ukuran
Measurements are taken by marking dots on the face. (Taken from ゆうな@switch.com☆NEXT!)

Most wax figurine production companies around the globe keep their techniques confidential. At the current factory of Family Scene, there are several professional staff, but all important processes are done by myself. My motto is to surprise everyone with overwhelming realness that looks as if it may move!

In order to make a sculpture similar to the actual person, it is necessary to deform characteristics such as muscle movement and expressions. Past works include over hundreds of temples and museums. The photos are analyzed and every step from the silicon model to carving, shaping, coloring, and finish is all hand crafted. The secret to creating a masterpiece so similar to the actual person is in the experience, taste, and using colored wax.It takes approximately 90 days to create, .

image031Silpakorn University is a national university in Thailand. It is the most premier university in Thailand in the field of arts and archaeology.
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