We create your full-body miniature!~World’s First 「Ashes of Adam’s Apple-Embedded」「Hair-Embedded」「Umbilical Cord-Embedded」Miniature Wax Figurine Production Specialty Shop~

Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) Memorial

Optional Items

※All items without specifications in number refer to tax exclusive pricing per figurine.
Production lead time is around 90 days after the arrival of hairs, nodobotoke, ashes, and etc.
※We will handle Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) with full respect and insert the whole unit into the wax figure without breaking it down.

Nodobotoke Embedded (1 Actual Unit)
With Ashes (Within 30g)
Containing Wedding Ring
※Contact us for more info
※Hair Embedment can be made at designated areas
※Payment of additional costs can be made via bank transfer.
※We also accept any booking from you. Candle sculptures with 2 people above the base can also be done.
※Candle stand 2 people and pet will be delivered directly from factory without box.
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