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Optional Items

※All items without specifications in number refer to tax exclusive pricing per figurine.

Wedding Dress Gold Stand (2 persons)
Wedding Dress Black Stand (2 persons)
Wedding Dress and Bouquet
Groom Kimono and Japanese Fan
Flower in the Left Pocket of the Groom
White Enamel Shoes of the Groom (shiny shoes)
Babies (under the age of 1)
Umbilical Cord Embedded
※Please contact us for inquiries regarding other optional items
※Hair (beard, underarm hair, chest hair, pubic hair are embedded in each applicable area (the area in which the hair is embedded differs among each hair type).
Payments of additional costs incurred during the production process or of duplicate wax figurines shall be made through bank remittance.
※The option with babies (hair embedded with name & date of birth) can be created showing 2 persons.
※We accept special orders. Regularly, 1 pedestal is used per person, but we may create a piece with 2 people on 1 pedestal.
※Figurines with 2-person pedestals and family members (dogs, cats, pets) will be sent directly from the factory. (It will not be placed in a gift box.)
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