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What is a Wax Figurine?

What is a Wax Figurine?

Wax figurines are sculptures made of wax. Wax figurines of celebrities are commonly seen, but some are created as death masks or as relief images to express a specific scene. The honey wax used in created wax figurines act as a medium of the model and the sculpture and is perfect for creating sterical expressions. It is easy to cut and shape in room temperature, and add optional colors. Furthermore, oil, lipids, and dirt components are added to make intricate changes. For taking molds, the wax keenly reacts to the shaping. Once the mold is set and firm, there leaves somewhat of elasticity in normal moisture differences even when taking very thin molds.
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What is the Difference Between Wax Figurines and 3D Figures?

3D figures are easily made with 3D data and plaster by using a 3D printer. Duplicates are easily made, which prevents this from becoming a one of a kind commemoration.

On the other hand, wax figurines are handmade one by one by professional sculptors and the exact same item may not be made twice.

Furthermore, for 3D figures, the shape is the only thing 3D about it, as it lacks presence. Wax figurines have a realness and strong presence that cannot be reproduced.

Solid Differences between 3D Figures and those of Family Scene

Figurines are made mostly of blended resin. Special wax is lacquered after production. Since it is made of blended resin, it is not easily broken, but please handle with care as it will break if dropped. Please be sure to hold the body and not the head or feet when holding the wax figurine.
It is possible to confirm the overall outline, nuance of the face, and realness during the model check. You will surely be overwhelmed by the strong presence of the figurine.
Delivery Date
When creating wax figurines from pictures, it takes roughly 90 days from the date of payment until product delivery. However, in case where there are specific requests in date of delivery, we recommend ordering approximately 6 months prior to delivery as more time may be needed in case of backorders.
Repairs are possible. Please send us 5 up-close photos and we will send you a quote.
Larger Possibilities
There are no limits as each figurine is handmade. Details which are not made possible by 3D figures are made possible with Family Scene. ※For example

  • See-through material…Lace, mesh, fur, chiffon materials allow light to go through, making it difficult to recreate.
  • Light-reflecting material…Metal (accessories, rings, headbands, etc), enamel, shiny leather reflect light, Making it difficult for 3D figures to recreate. However, it is possible with Family Scene.
  • Furry items or costume…Family Scene makes recreation of difficult furry materials possible.


※3D Printer
Family Scene makes recreation of details and materials with difficult designs such as small polka dots, thin stripes, etc., which highly difficult to recreate with 3D figure production, possible.

What are wax figurines of Family Scene?

Family Scene’s wax figurines are delivered to your hands with each piece being handmade over the span of 3 months led by sculptors Ms. Sirirat and Mr. Tatanan, who have graduated from Silpakorn University, Thailand’s most premier university of arts. It is a one and only masterpiece. Not only is this perfect for events such as「a family memorial of baby birth」「enrollment/graduation ceremonies」「weddings」「coming-of-age ceremonies」「shichi-go-san」、but it is also ideal for「birthday」and「kanreki」celebrations. Furthermore, Family Scene makes it possible to include「Nodobotoke」「Ashes」「hair」「name」「birthdate」「Umbilical Cord」 as an option.

It is known that wax figures (life-size) by Madame Tussauds are said to cost approximately $181,818 to create, however, fax figurines from Family Scene uses the same materials/span> and resins.

By including「Nodobotoke」「Ashes」「hair」「name」「birthday」and「Umbilical Cord」, the one and only wax figurine will become a lasting heritage for your loved ones.

This figurine heritage, which recreates the image of that special someone, has been in the spotlight of many mass media and has come to become a trend. Why not fully experience the overwhelming presence of the figurines? We bring a feeling of peace and healing to as many people as possible.

※Hair, upper beard, lower beard, chest hair, underarm hair, pubic hair are embedded in each applicable area (the area in which the hair is embedded differs among each hair type).

5 Revolutions of Family Scene’s Miniature Wax Figurines

  • Revolutionary expression of light and shadow
  • Revolutionary expression of shadowy expression
  • Revolution of exquisite eye expression
  • Revolutionary expression of eyelids, eyelash, and eyelid wrinkles
  • Revolutionary expression of ears, nose, wrinkles, each pore, beauty marks, sun spots, beards, skin color, and wrinkles of forehead and neck.

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