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Portrait of a Deceased One

Our wax figurines look just like the actual person. Wax figurines have a strong presence that cannot be felt through pictures and has the ability to make you feel as if that person is right next to you. Family Scene will heal the feeling of sadness from losing a loved one and fill you with smiles.

Wax figurines, whether created from a portrait of the deceased, or by the actual person before his/her death, become a precious memorial to the family.

It is not uncommon for families who receive our wax figurine to almost come to tears to see the high quality figurine that reminds them of their late beloved. After a loved one leaves this world, it is only possible to get close to them through 2-dimensional items such as photographs, but with the current technology, it is possible to express your beloved through a more realistic 3-dimensional figure. This is sure to hold an important role in helping to heal the pain and sadness of losing a loved one and is sure to become a family treasure. Family Scene is ideal for gifts (as precious, precious days can never be forgotten).

Points can be produced with only one whole picture

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