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It is said that「the number of times a person becomes the protagonist in a single lifetime is 3 times」. The first being at one’s birth, the second at one’s wedding, and the third being at one’s funeral. However, one does not understand it’s own state at birth, and neither can one’s own funeral be experienced. Therefore, the only event in which one can experience being the protagonist is at its wedding.
Original text from http://wedding.gnavi.co.jp

There are many couples who do not put on weddings, but this is an event of a lifetime where “one shines most”. Wouldn’t you like to leave this wonderful memory in a form that would last a lifetime? Family Scene is ideal for gifts (as precious, precious days can never be forgotten). Don’t you feel the power of hair as it is your DNA?

Family Scene is a one of a kind treasure that you can share various memories with.

Wax figurines have a presence that cannot be felt through pictures. The wax figurines showing happy facial expressions of the wedding is sure to fill you with smiles.

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