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Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) Memorial

After cremation, which is the most cherished part of all bones?


Let’s explore the root why Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) is cherished.

【Etymology and origin of Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) in Japanese】

Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) was previously called Nodobone or Kekkou.
The origin why later Adam’s Apple was called as Nodobotoke is because its shape seems like the figure of Buddha who is sitting.
Although it depends on sect, when collecting bones at a crematorium, firstly foot, arm, waist, back, rib, kepala, and finally Adam’s Apple will be collected the two closest persons with the deceased.
At that time, if the shape of Adam’s Apple is clear and it looks like the Buddha doing meditation, the deceased will be described as a person who did a lot of good during his lifetime. However, if the person was lacking in calcium, despite a lot of good deeds, the Adam’s Apple shape may not be very clear.
Hodobotoke is called “Adam’s Apple” in English. This is because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the fruit eaten by Adam became Adam’s Apple; the fruit eaten by Eve became breasts.

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Source: Anarchy in the oriental medicine

Certainly Adam’s Apple does look like someone doing meditation. Hence, due to the perspective of having Buddha inside human body , Adam’s Apple becomes important in Japanese culture.

Is there a way to keep this precious “Adam’s Apple”?
Are there any measures or caution matters to keep it well?

The bone is weak against moisture and might have mold issues.

The bones after cremation will be kept in a porcelain urn jug first then later into wooden bone box. Under this condition, it’s almost sterile. As long as the conditions are not bad, mold will not grow. But if put under a hot and humid place as well as provided with enough nutrients, kulat akan mula bertumbuh pada tulang. Fungi are highly reproductive and are capable of growing anywhere as long as the conditions are right.
If the bones are kept in a paulownia box, the paulownia box will inhale or exhale the moisture in the air, hence preventing the moisture issue. However if you just keep it in a bone urn, there is a possibility to suck in moiture from external. Urn jug may seem to be closely covered, but in fact there is a big gap in between the cover and the urn. Hence, when the room temperature is high, the air inside the urn will expand while when it gets cold, the air outside will be sucked into the urn. The moisture outside will be sucked together at that point of time.

When the condition is bad, fungi will start to grow at the bones. However, it will not grow exponentially as there is insufficient nutrition available in the bones.
Still if the condition is really bad, its growth will be quite significant.
For those that have opened the cover before, or those who have touched the bones before, it’s recommended to put the urn at area which is exposed to direct sunlight.


We cannot allow the important Hodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) which is kept due to our close bonds with the deceased to have mold grown on it, right?

Now, there is more and more people cherishing Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) which represents the reborn of the loved ones as momento.
Family Scene wax figurine will insert the important Adam’s Apple bone into wax figurine, hence, you do not have to worry about the proper way of keeping it or the possibility of misplacing it.

Family Scene Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) memorial can now replace altar, grave, charnel and etc.
It will become a place for your precious “beloved ones” to truly rest in peace.
Instead of grave or altar, this is the next new generation of paying respect to the late “beloved ones” which enables you to feel their real presence.
We will insert the whole precious Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) into the wax figurine flawlessly.
※We will handle Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) with full respect and insert the whole unit into the wax figure without breaking it down.
※Other bones are acceptable as well.
Here’s how to send it.

Nodobotoke (Adam’s Apple) Memorial / Ashes of Nodobotoke Embedded (International patent filed)

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