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Maternity Wax Figure

Maternity Wax Figure

For the past few years maternity photo shooting has become a boom throughout the world. There is more and more people who would love to keep the sweet memories during pregnancy.

Family Scene would love to recommend to you who are considering to keep the beautiful pregnancy moment via our miniature wax figurine!

Wouldn’t you want to keep that happy and beautiful moment of you looking forward towards the birth of your baby?

As Gift For Maternity

During 5th month of pregnancy which is considered stable period, photos taken during this time are not obvious enough to illustrate pregnancy in place. Whereas, if it’s too near to the birth period, the body will become to move around as well as there will be a concern over certain health conditions.

Hence the best period would be around 8th month of pregnancy where the belly is obviously big enough and is also less burdening for the mother. The most important thing taken in consideration is still the safety and health of both the mother and the baby. We will plan a schedule that is easy for the mother. Wouldn’t you want to capture the happiest and prettiest moment of the mother together with the baby inside with Family Scene?

As you would be able to capture the pretty pregnancy moment of that big round belly in 3D, the baby who then grows up later in life could witness his or her mother’s pregnancy appearance in 3D which is normally not able to be witnessed. He or she would be able to touch the beautiful curvy line of the mother’s belly. It’s indeed one of the best gifts which you could give your beloved children in the future.

We aim to provide the unprecedented service to you so that you are able to pass on that happy family story of “once upon a time inside mom’s stomach”using a touchable approach.

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