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What is Hair of the Deceased?

For those wanting to know how to preserve hair of the deceased〜What is hair of the deceased?〜

「Hair of the Deceased」is hair that becomes the keepsake of the deceased.
The more precious that person is to you, the more you would like to keep everything left by that loved one. Here, we will explain to you in detail, how to preserve that precious hair of the late beloved. We will also share precautions about preservation, so please check it out.

1.What is hair of the deceased?
When losing a loved one, people become overwhelmed with grief.
People often hold on to the hair of their beloved.
Let us explain to you further.

1‐1.Becomes a precious keepsake to the family

When losing a loved one, it is only natural to want to hold on to a keepsake.
Keepsakes are shared among family members and in recent days, more people have started to keep hair as a memorial of their late beloved.
The funeral personnel or a family member cuts the hair to become an everlasting keepsake. Although some may feel a bit resistant about holding onto hair of their beloved, this custom has been done in Japan from many years ago. For example, there are often scenes from Japanese Samurai dramas where the hair of those who are lost from war are given to the family.


2‐1.Protection from「humidity」

As hair is weak to humidity, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place to prevent damage including molding, as it is extremely rare for hair to become restored once damaged. It is best to keep it wrapped in Washi (Japanese paper) and inside a sealable bag for storage.

2‐2.Prevent damage from「UV rays」

A factor with as much damage as humidity is UV rays. Once exposed to UV rays, the hair cuticle with moisture and shine will be diminished. In order to keep the hair in its original condition, it is important to use the utmost care in storage.

3.Storage precautions

3‐1.Get rid of excess moisture

It is important to get rid of excess moisture as this becomes a cause of mold. In order to prevent incurable damage, it is best to use a dryer to get rid of moisture. However, it is very important to keep the dryer a good distance away from the hair to prevent burning.

3‐2.Use care in choosing storage method

The hair is a precious keepsake of your loved one. Whether it be brought to a shrine or temple, worn as a pendant, or stored at home, it is important to choose a method that you will not regret.
In recent days, there are cute designs so women can openly wear it at all times. Be sure to read the precautions on how to store the hair in order to keep the memorial for a lifetime.


We have provided an explanation of what the hair of the deceased is, how to store it, and some related precautions. Take care in choosing the best method of storage for you, as this is a precious keepsake of your loved one. We recommend preserving it in a place close to you so the presence is never forgotten.

  • Becomes a precious keepsake for the family
  • Can serve as a substitute to the remains of the deceased
  • There are various methods of preservation
  • Protect the hair from harmful UV rays
  • Remove excess moisture
  • Choose the most suitable preservation method for yourself

The points listed above are highly important. There are even ways to store diamonds instead of hair of the deceased.
It may seem a bit pricey, but this proves just how much the hair of your loved one is of importance to you.
Let’s master the correct method of preservation to prevent regret, as this is a precious keepsake of your late loved one.
Original text from「Ihin Anshin Navi HP」

The number of people holding hair of the deceased as a keepsake has increased in recent years. The figurines of Family Scene stores the hair in the head area so there is no need to worry about losing it or its preservation method.

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