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School Admission Celebration

Enrollment gifts or money are given to celebrate children entering school. Enrollment gifts are given as soon as the enrollment is decided or within 2〜3 weeks before enrollment at the latest. This is normally celebrated only with close family.

There are times you might think about what kind of celebration you should give to your relatives’ or close friends’ children when they enter kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, etc. It’s recommended that you should give presents that could make both parents and children happy. Wax figurine which is able to capture the growth of children is high recommended in this case.

Definitely we would want to avoid to give same or similar gifts at all cost. That’s the best time to choose us Family Scene. Also, if you could add on flowers together with our wax figurine, don’t you think that it’s a wonderful surprise?

As Gift for School Admission

University entrance ceremony only happens once in a life time and is also one of the most important days in life. How about giving a suitable gift, Family Scene during that special day?

Wax figurine by Family Scene is made from sophisticated techniques and hence allows you to feel as if the real person is now present just in front of you at that particular moment. If you are able to leave a physical record of your children’s growth, that is going to be heirloom in your beloved family. This will definitely make your beloved ones happy.

Family Scene is absolutely suitable to be given as precious gift. (You would never forget those important days again!) Because the embedded hair carries genes, don’t you think that alone gives you more power?

We, Family Scene, are the only one in the world which allows you to share great memories with hairs of your loved ones.

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